Why Rent a Minivan in Puerto Rico

For whatever reason, the majority of drivers on the road don’t think minivans are very cool. Renting a minivan for a trip might not sound like much fun because something about its appearance makes our younger selves shudder. While you might be afraid to rent a minivan, our staff at Target Rent A Car is here to assure you that it’s worthwhile! It’s time to think about a minivan if your family is too big for a sedan or you have more luggage than an SUV can hold. For a few more reasons, continue reading!

Why Rent a Minivan in Puerto Rico

Very Comfortable

Minivans were designed with comfort in mind. You don’t want comfort to be one of the difficulties of traveling with children. Enjoying a roomy minivan is easy as it can seat up to seven people. With no sacrifice to legroom, our Kia Carnivals have enough space to hold all of your belongings. They are ideal for family trips! Additionally, for added comfort, the seats in our minivans are plush and supportive.

Exceptionally Convenient

Minivans are full of convenience features, such as sliding side doors and lots of cup holders. Other features like dual climate controls for front and back passengers, plenty of storage, and more are available. Minivans from Target Rent A Car are equipped with Bluetooth, AM/FM radio, and air conditioning.

Super Economical

Renting a vehicle shouldn’t be painfully expensive. That is why the minivan is a smart choice for van rentals. Whether you’re driving in the city or intend to take a long road trip throughout Puerto Rico, it offers good fuel efficiency. Additionally, we always maintain reasonable rental prices.

Target Rent A Car has 11 convenient locations throughout Puerto Rico. On top of minivans, we offer SUV rentals, passenger van rentals, and more in our rental fleet. We even offer corporate rentals! Contact us today at (787) 257-8452 to book your reservation.