Why Rent a Golf Cart in Puerto Rico

Are you planning a trip to Puerto Rico but are unsure of how to get around while you’re here? Why not consider renting a golf cart to add some enjoyment and convenience to your trip? You’ll find a golf cart is a great way to tour the sights with your family as they are affordable, convenient, quiet, and come in a variety of sizes. At Target Rent A Car, we have the perfect golf cart for you. Check out some of our favorite benefits of golf cart rentals listed below.

Why Rent a Golf Cart in Puerto Rico


One of our favorite reasons to rent a golf cart is how affordable they are. Whether you choose to rent one in addition to a car or SUV, or you choose to forgo the vehicle altogether and just rely on your golf cart during your stay, you’ll find they are worth the cost. We stock both gas and electric cart rentals that can seat two, four, or six people. We even have plated golf cart rentals that can be driven on regular roads or non-plated cart rentals that are ideal for vacation resorts such as Palmas Del Mar.

Avoid Beach Traffic

Another great reason to rent a golf cart is to make your trip to and from the beach easier. Not only will your golf cart be able to haul all your coolers, chairs, and beach gear, but you’ll also be able to avoid any traffic that accumulates around the beaches. Golf carts have the ability to navigate through traffic easily, so you can avoid being stuck in gridlock. This is ideal if you want to maximize your vacation time and prevent time spent stuck in traffic.

Impress Your Clients

Finally, because many corporate events take place in Puerto Rico, we find that corporate clients like to use golf carts as an added bonus for their guests. They can shuttle clients between the hotel and the event center, use the golf card as a mobile bar for refreshments, and help with baggage during check-in and check-out.

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