Where to Eat in Puerto Rico

When visiting Puerto Rico, you are guaranteed to enjoy some of the most unique and delicious dishes you’ve ever experienced. What better way to spend a vacation evening than by hopping into your luxurious SUV rental and heading out to a wonderful meal? Here are three must-try restaurants from the team at Target Rent A Car.

Where to Eat in Puerto Rico | Car Rental


Bacoa, a restaurant tucked away in Juncos’ mountains, is more than just a meal; it’s an adventure. As you ascend a hill to the two-story restaurant, you take in the numerous banana trees, a pond, and potential passing cows. Fresh, local red snapper, steaks, and veggies are among the ingredients that are the center of Bacoa’s fogón (open flame) cooking style. Many dishes, including the roasted whole Puerto Rican pumpkin and the roasted beet dip, will satisfy vegetarians. There are also many options for those who enjoy a quality mixed drink. Additionally, there are zero-proof drinks that feature tropical fruits like tamarind, guava, and starfruit.


One of Puerto Rico’s best restaurants, 1919, is housed in the opulent Condado Vanderbilt hotel. Executive Chef, Juan José Cuevas, spent 20 years working at prestigious restaurants in Spain, San Francisco, and New York before moving back to his native Puerto Rico. He combines his knowledge of fine dining with the use of regional ingredients. His modern tasting menus highlight locally grown products including plantains, carrots, pumpkins, and passion fruit. View the seaside from their dining room’s contemporary decor. If you want a fine dining experience, 1919 is the place for you.

El Buren de Lula

In the beach town of Loíza, there is a famed eatery called El Buren de Lula, which is well-known for its deep Afro-Puerto Rican roots. The restaurant is simple and compact, yet the flavors are substantial and full-bodied. Chef Lula, also known as Maria Dolores DeJesús, is a well-known figure in Puerto Rican cooking. She has been cooking over an open fire from scratch with regional foods for over 50 years. Along with other regional specialties, she prepares arroz con coco, cornmeal arepas packed with stewed codfish, rice, and stewed crab. The $7–$15 menu items are reasonably priced, delectable, and expertly prepared.

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