Unique Wildlife in Puerto Rico

One of our favorite reasons to visit an island like Puerto Rico is the amazing wildlife, found both on land and in the ocean. However, in order to get a glimpse of the wildlife, you must travel to the spots where they congregate and the best way to do that is in an SUV rental from Target Rent A Car. Despite the rough terrain, our SUV rentals will get you where you need to go. Here is a selection of our favorite wildlife that you should be on the lookout for as you explore Puerto Rico.

Unique Wildlife in Puerto Rico

The Amazon Parrot

Native to South America, the Caribbean, and Mexico, the Amazon parrot is a relatively large, colorful bird ranging in size from nine inches to 18 inches. They are usually green with bits of red, blue, maroon, yellow, or even purple in their beautiful feathers. While exploring Puerto Rico, look for these parrots in cavities of trees or cliffs as they tend to build their nests in these areas. They are very exciting for bird lovers to watch as they are very social birds and like to travel in large groups or flocks. If you listen and watch carefully, they can communicate with each other both vocally and through gestures!

The Iguana

If you spend any time in Puerto Rico, you are almost guaranteed to spot an iguana. While some find these large reptiles beautiful, the locals are more likely to find categorize them as pests. They have no natural predators on the island, so their population continues to grow out of control! They enjoy feasting on the natural crops in Puerto Rico such as bananas, mangoes, and star fruit and they can live up to 20 years! Watch for them both on land and in the water as they can swim quite rapidly and stay submerged for up to 30 minutes.

The Small Indian Mongoose

The small Indian mongoose, a small mammal with a long tail and a slender body, can also be found in Puerto Rico. They have a grayish-brown color and can grow to a maximum weight of 30 pounds. The mongoose typically seeks refuge in caves or underground dens. They can be seen in El Yunque near parking lots, trails, and even the Yokah Tower and Palo Colorado Information Center.

When you visit Puerto Rico, be sure to take the time to stop and stare at our unique wildlife. To get around the island, rent a car or SUV from Target Rent A Car. To make a reservation in Puerto Rico, contact us today at (787) 257-8452 or reserve online.