3 Common Moving Mistakes to Avoid

Moving is stressful and taxing on a family, even when everything goes smoothly. Then, when the unexpected occurs, the stress rises, and the process loses its enjoyment. You can even make mistakes that cost you additional time or money! To help make sure your move goes smoothly, Target Rent A Car has put together a list of three common moving mistakes so you can be sure to avoid them!

Common Moving Mistakes to Avoid

1. Running Out of Time

When planning a move, it’s a common mistake to wait until the last minute to start packing. Often, packing takes much longer than anticipated; once you start, you find you have much more stuff than you thought. Then, as your moving date approaches, it’s easy to feel stressed and frazzled. Save yourself some last-minute stress and start packing a few weeks in advance.

2. Running Out of Packing Supplies

Another common mistake people make when preparing for a major move is underestimating the amount of packing supplies they need. They think they can get away with newspapers or alternatives to boxes, but doing so can put their breakables in danger of breaking en route. While cutting corners on packing supplies may seem like a wise way to save money, you will regret it if your belongings arrive at your destination broken.

3. Running Out of Room

Finally, don’t assume that a moving truck is not necessary for a move. Many people believe they can get by because a couple of their friends own trucks or SUVs. Although you might save money by doing this, moving day will probably be very stressful as a result. You’ll make many more trips than necessary because most large furniture cannot fit in a conventional truck or SUV. Renting a box truck is priceless, we promise.

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