How to Plan a Kid-Friendly Beach Vacation

Parents of young children know that planning a trip that will be fun for the whole family is a tricky task. Not only do you have to worry about keeping everyone entertained and happy, but logistically, there is just a lot to figure out! Before you get overwhelmed and give up, our team at Target Rent A Car is here to help. We’ve put together a list of expert tips to help you feel confident enough to plan an epic trip this year.

How to Plan a Kid-Friendly Beach Vacation

Take Advantage of the Off-Season

When your kids get a little bit older, you’ll likely only travel during school breaks. These times of year are especially busy for beach destinations and can make the experience a little less fun for little ones. If your kids aren’t in school yet, try planning a trip away from any traditional school breaks or holidays. You’ll be able to avoid the crowds and find better travel deals!

Be Flexible

Our next tip is great for travel and in life in general. Be flexible! Once you have your destination, hotel accommodations, and potential activities mapped out, try to take it one day at a time and be open to opportunities. Don’t stress if you need to leave the beach early one day because the kids need to nap, and give yourself permission to stay later if the weather is perfect and the kids are playing nicely. We think you’ll enjoy the opportunity to be a little spontaneous.

Rent a Family Car

When renting a car on vacation it can be tempting to save money by renting the cheapest, smallest option. However, it doesn’t take long for a large family squished into a small car to regret that decision. Minivans are truly the best choice for families. They offer a larger seating capacity with additional features such as more space for luggage and additional leg room. Save yourself the headache of uncomfortable passengers with a minivan rental from Target Rent A Car.

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