How to Choose A Rental Car

When planning a vacation, the number of decisions you have to make can be overwhelming. You have to pick a destination, lodging, transportation, activities and a number of other details to ensure you have a smooth trip. While some travelers enjoy the planning process, it’s not surprising that others look for ways to simplify their options. With that in mind, your friends at Target Rent A Car have put together a helpful guide so you can choose the right rental car for your vacation to Puerto Rico.

How to Choose a Rental Car

Count Your Crew

Of course, you need to be sure that the car you rent has enough seats for your group. But remember to also factor in comfort. You might be able to fit into a standard-sized car, but your family may appreciate the extra space in an SUV or a van when traveling. If you have a lot of driving to do during your trip, your crew will enjoy the ride a lot more in a comfortable rental.

Check Your Bags

Your passengers will also be more comfortable if they have enough space for their luggage. No one wants to travel long distances with a suitcase in their lap, so consider a vehicle with decent storage or trunk space. Your family may fit comfortably in a compact car at home, but when you account for all your baggage you may do better in a minivan rental.

Stay in Budget

Finally, keep your budget in mind as you consider your rental car. You want a comfortable and reliable vehicle, but few travelers want to spend their whole vacation budget on a fancy rental car. At Target Rent A Car, we offer a wide range of vehicles to fit any budget and our fuel-efficient economy cars will even help you save money on gas!

Since 1980, Target Rent A Car has been providing quality affordable car rentals throughout the island of Puerto Rico. Whether you’re visiting for pleasure or spending a few days here for business, we have a car rental that is perfect for you. Contact us for an instant quote or reserve now by calling (787) 257-8452.