Explore Puerto Rico in a Jeep

When making travel arrangements to Puerto Rico, many visitors wonder, “Should I rent a Jeep?” The staff at Target Rent A Car will frequently reply, “Yes!”. You can discover all of the wonder and beauty this archipelago offers by renting a Jeep in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is a relatively small island, and it is jam-packed with a wide array of foods, landscapes, wildlife, and attractions, making it ideal to explore in a Jeep.

Explore Puerto Rico in A Jeep

Be Independent

For most visitors, the whole point of traveling to a new location is to explore. With all the renowned restaurants and bars, breathtaking beaches, and a full calendar of events, you won’t want to stay at your hotel. Additionally, while many beaches are accessible by taxi or group tour, getting there and back can occasionally be tricky and time-consuming. Additionally, depending on the size of your group, taking a cab between beaches can be expensive. We think you’d appreciate being able to explore the island on your own terms and not miss out on the unique experiences you’ll have while traveling in a Jeep.

Be Adventurous

Our Jeeps are excellent for rentals since they are fun to drive and adaptable. Jeeps have a unique quality that can turn even the most mundane journey into an incredible adventure. However, even though Jeeps can handle a range of rough terrain, please remember to keep your rental on the road to maintain the island’s untainted, scenic charm.

Be Sensible

Due to their ability to navigate the island’s rugged natural roads, Jeeps are a popular vehicle choice among tourists and residents. If there is an issue, it is best to rent from a company that is already established on the island. The Target Rent A Car staff stands by our motto, “We Aim to Please!” Unlike many other car rental businesses, we offer a personalized level of service.

In addition to Jeeps, Target Rent A Car offers a wide selection of rental vehicles to accommodate your group. If you’ve never visited Puerto Rico, check out our Explore Puerto Rico page! We have many recommendations to make your stay here as wonderful as possible. Contact us today at (787) 257-8452 to book a reservation.