Discover Puerto Rico with Target Rent A Car

Puerto Rico is rich in history, culture, and beauty. There is so much to see, it’s hard to narrow down the places you want to visit. That’s where Target Rent A Car comes in. Check out our helpful list below, book your flight and car rental, and enjoy your trip to Puerto Rico!

Discover Puerto Rico with Target Rent A Car

Parque de Bombas

The southern town of Ponce is home to the historic, red and black Parque de Bombas. One of the island’s most famous monuments, this historic fire station is instantly recognizable. The Parque de Bombas is situated behind the cathedral in Ponce’s charming town center, Plaza de las Delicias. The structure formerly housed the city’s primary fire station and is now home to a modest museum. On July 12, 1984, the Parque de Bombas, Puerto Rico’s first fire station, was added to the National Register of Historic Properties.

Cascada Gozalandia

Gozlandia, which is located in the town of San Sebastian, houses a pair of waterfalls joined by a lovely river with numerous smaller pools. The first significant fall is reached after a five-minute stroll down a cement trail and some stairs from the parking area. The main waterfall is beautiful and quite tall. At the base of the falls, there is a deep, pristine swimming pool where visitors can take a dip. This area is so awe-inspiring, it’s even been used as a set in movies!

Castillo San Felipe del Morro

Castillo San Felipe del Morro, also known as El Morro, is one of the sites that best exemplifies Puerto Rico’s history in the Americas and the Caribbean. Cruise ships are now welcomed by this fort on the Old San Juan islet as they gently sail into and out of the harbor. It served as a significant military station for Spain and later the United States for the majority of its roughly 500-year history.

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