Christmas in Puerto Rico

Snow, toasty fires with hot cocoa, and pine trees are generally what come to mind when you think of your family during Christmas. But this year, the staff at Target Rent A Car hopes to inspire you to take a Christmas vacation to a sandy destination, like Puerto Rico! Because, although a vacation to the beach might not be the first thing that springs to mind when making holiday plans, it might be even more magical than a regular Christmas.

Christmas at the Beach

Choose Sun Over Snow

While there is plenty of family joy at home during the holidays, there is also plenty of unwanted stress and, in many states, undesirable weather. Consider instead taking a vacation to the beach to relieve your stress rather than worrying about making the holidays great for everyone else. What could be better than holiday parades, outdoor concerts, and other (warm) holiday activities for the whole family to enjoy?

Choose Experiences Over Stuff

Take a good, hard look around your house before you start making Christmas lists for your family. Do you really need more toys for your kids? Does your spouse really need that brand-new gardening or cooking tool? Or, might a trip with the family be the best present of all? In comparison to an item they choose from a magazine, your kids are much more likely to remember an amazing family vacation filled with beach fun for years to come.

Choose Winter Break Over Spring Break

Finally, consider traveling over Christmas break instead of spring break and you’ll find the rates are much cheaper! You can get really cheap flights and lodging as long as you don’t fly on Christmas or New Year’s Day. The majority of resorts view December as the “off-season,” which can result in savings of up to 75% on an average hotel stay. Additionally, the locals will appreciate your holiday donation in areas that are typically empty around this time of year, so they will likely treat you much better than they would during the busy spring break time.

Christmas at the beach can be just as magical as Christmas at home! Target Rent A Car has everything you need, including specialty rentals and even golf cart rentals. You are sure to find the perfect rental car for your visit. Contact us today at (787) 257-8452 to book your reservation.