3 Safety Tips for Driving a Box Truck

If you’re planning a big move, you know that the process can be both stressful and exciting. A fresh start in a new home is always exciting, but mixed with the stress of selling your home and packing up all your belongings can make this season of life feel quite overwhelming. To help with some of that stress, our team at Target Rent A Car recommends renting a box truck so you can handle the move yourself and not worry about trusting movers with your prized possessions. Read on for three safety tips you should keep in mind while driving your box truck rental.

Box Truck Safety Tips

1. Familiarize yourself with the truck

Any time you rent a vehicle, you should do a visual inspection before hitting the road. Check the tires, signals, lights, and mirrors to make sure they are in good shape. It’s also a good idea to look for any damage so it can be reported, and you won’t be held responsible. If you’ve never driven a large vehicle before, it’s also a good idea to take some time getting the feel for the truck. Take a few laps around an empty parking lot and practice backing up before you load up all your belongings.

2. Stick to main roads

If you can help it, we also recommend staying on larger, main roads and avoiding twisty, hilly back roads. You’ll have a much easier time maneuvering a large vehicle if you have enough space to do so. Check the weather beforehand, as well, so you can be prepared to drive slower and with more caution if the conditions are subpar. Be sure to drive at least 10 mph less than the speed limit and plan for your trip to take longer so that you won’t be rushed.

3. Turn Slowly

Avoid slamming on the brakes if you suddenly need to stop for any reason, such as a flat tire, as you risk losing control of the truck. Instead, pull over slowly and gradually. When turning, be sure to make wide and slow turns to avoid hitting other vehicles or overturning the truck.

Renting a box truck that can fit all of your possessions, including your oddly-shaped furniture, will make moving simple and stress-free. Target Rent A Car has a wide variety of box truck rentals available within the San Juan area or as far as Mayaguez. Contact us today at (787) 257-8452 for an instant quote or make a reservation online.